Catering is a fusion; it is a combination of products that have to fit together.

    So catering is about cuisine, decoration, service and delivery that have to be consistent.

    Catering for us, for “ Chef Idol “ , is not only a fusion, it is more than that, it’s a new aged fusion.

    Our target is to provide catering services not just for weddings, but also baptisms, first communions, birthdays, bachelor parties or funerals;

    we also provide to you a variety of plat du jour choices at your company, industry and even to schools, hospitals and of course to your home.

    Home dinning and special events are also our specialty!

    You can make your own special order choosing either a Lebanese or a Chinese, French, Mexican, or even Italian cuisine.

    You only have to call us twenty-four hours before the delivery day and everything will be ready as you ordered.